Hi there
I am Ana L.

About Me

My name is Ana-L
Alias ragbambi

I am a genuine spankee from the netherlands. I got this obsession for spanking and punishment as long as i can remember.

I got a very resiliant bottom that seems to heal instantly. According to my spankers its the most spankable bottom ever becouse of the shape and firmness.

I am a really sweet person, pure, creative, playfull but also chaotic and very very cheecky wich always brings me into trouble.

I love my doggy, traveling, and electronic music. I am a dj as well and still play with vinyl.

Type of spankee:
I am really into punishment and discipline discipline spankings. I need it for the motivation to do the daily chores that i need to do. It gives me energy and more peace in my mind. Without daily maintenance i am very chaotic, make a mess everywhere i go, and even get a bit rebellious. i can never get enough of it. I can go otk for hours of spankings. I love long rythmical hand spankings followed by a good strapping.
The cane is something i still fear but its not always up to me. When i really misbehave i will get it anyway.

I am a middle who is discovering my little side so i love the dynamic in wich i get disciplined like a naughty little girl. Corner time, being scold at, writing lines and other creative punishments. And ofcourse the cuddles and aftercare. I love roleplaying and got a lot of adorable outfits. Babygirl, schoolgirl, chearleader, manga, reformatory and dropseatpyjamas.

My bottom is well known for its firmness and flexibillity and how fast it heals. Almost instantly. It might be frustrating but also a chalenge to my spankers. I do not switch.

I am submissive but i am a brat and will not give in easilly. Cheekyness is in my nature and i got smartmouth reflexes. Specially when disciplined.

My daddy quest:
I want to live the lifestyle 24/7 with a strict, natural dominant, caring, lovable and fun daddy that likes to bring out my little side. That is creative in his punishments, that likes to dress me up in cute outfits and does nice things with me. And ofcourse that disciplines me at least twice a day. I want my daddy to be wise, knows whats best for me, openminded and a lot of life experience,does what he promisses, and that has the intellect to get my cheeky jokes and who can see right thru me. So naturally he needs to have a lot of endurance. Physically and mentaly. Ask my playpartners. They will tell you that i need it and can handle it. 😜😜😜

As a model i am easy to work with, have a long endurance and i seem to have a high pain level.

I think you can go pretty far with me. I am very creative and when you let me i can come up with a lot of great ideas for story lines, settings, positions, and creative punishments for example. I dont even need the time to think of it. They just pop up on the spot.



October 2019 - Crimson Moon.
I will be attending the Crimson Moon party in Chicago.
Link: Crimson Moon


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